100 PiEcEs oF UsEleSs InFoRmAtIoN

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I have no doubt you'll all be bored shitless. Read at your own peril.

1 - My birthday is on the 21st of August. (no, it doesn't matter what year!)
2 - I am Leo on the cusp with Virgo
3 - Yes, I have a typical Leo mane. It's auburn & naturally curly. I can also torture it straight in dry weather
4 - My eyes are teal. Most people think they are blue, but they are more green
5 - I am 5' 8"
6 - My teeth are not straight despite having had braces twice. I give up!
7 - I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at times
8 - I suffer from depression. It's a genetic thing.
9 - I snore (don't I? ;))
10 - When everyone was into ABBA, I was into Led Zeppelin
11 - My favourite number is this one
12 - I have a scar on my right knee from being bitten by a swan when I was 4
13 - I am not superstitious
14 - I am the youngest of three children. One Sister, one Brother
15 - My parents are still married. To each other!! Next year will be their 50th Wedding Anniversary
16 - I am NOT a morning person
17 - I am afraid of heights
18 - I am claustrophobic
19 - I hate being ignored with a passion
20 - I hate lies. Especially the little ones people don't think you will notice.
21 - I am hopeless at sport except for swimming, skiing & sex.
22 - My favourite colour for decorating is burgundy
23 - My favourite colour for wearing is Black, followed by Dark green or red
24 - I have 2 cats. Jet, the cat from my marriage, is Black and 16 years old. Merlin is Grey & 2 years old. He had/has a brother Mandrake, who is black, but he disappeared without trace a year ago. I still miss him
25 - I was profoundly deaf until I was 5. I was such a good lip-reader, nobody really picked it up.
26 - I had a piece of artwork sent to Bulgaria as part of an exhibition when I was in year 11.
27 - I used to do wedding photography
28 - I won a bronze award in the 1996 Australian Institute of Professional Photography (State) Awards
29 - I have only had one car accident - which wasn't my fault (if you don't count me hitting my gate)
30 - I am hopeless with money
31 - I am generous - to a fault
32 - I am loyal
33 - I am a daydreamer (just ask all of my teachers - they'd agree)
34 - I am affectionate - though I never used to be
35 - I have been to Europe, London and much of Australia
36 - My favourite food is butter chicken
37 - I hate that I am now experiencing emotions I should have dealt with in my teens ( I 'shut down' for far longer than I thought I had)
38 - I like good quality porn
39 - I have had sex with more than one person at the same time
40 - My favourite perfume is Tuscany. You can't get it in Australia anymore. Damn!
41 - I love lingerie, especially black. I love feeling sexy. I sometimes wear it to work
42 - I am an INFJ Personality type. Quite rare apparently. Jesus & Ghandi were INFJ too.
43 - I am creative, artistic and resourceful. Amazing what you can do with a coathanger and a pair of pliers.
44 - I was raped on my 17th birthday. I was a virgin. I've dealt with it. it took 20 years to tell my family. I'm OK.
45 - I used to mainly drink coffee, but now I mainly drink tea. Have both white with one sugar. I started drinking coffee when I was 8
46 - I can't play an instrument, but always wanted to learn Bass guitar
47 - I love wrapping presents
48 - My favourite authors are Nelson DeMille, James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell & Kathy Reichs, but I'll read anything
49 - Apart from Led Zeppelin, I grew up listening to Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Free and CCR. My taste has diversified since, but I still listen to them often
50 - I don't really have a favourite film, but always watch Gone With the Wind when I'm sick.
51 - I made a replica doll of Scarlett O'Hara in the green velvet Drapery Dress & won 3rd prize at the Royal Show for it
52 - I don't have any children and don't feel the need to have any - though having a miscarriage fucked with my brain somewhat for a while
53 - I drink Vodka or white wine, but never enough that I lose control.
54 - Red wine or port makes me throw up
55 - I don't smoke & never have
56 - I hate all seafood
57 - I was left home alone after school from the age of 8. I loved it.
58 - I want to get a tattoo of a Fleur De Lys - soon
59 - I have to start to go to sleep laying on my back with my hands over my chest like a dead person. That used to freak my ex-Husband out.
60 - I sometimes sleep with my eyes open
61 - I'd love to have a pet duck - if they didn't shit everywhere
62 - I love tall men. Preferably dark, with nice eyes and a wicked smile (Hi Babe!)
63 - I like being alone, but hate being lonely
64 - Perving at Imran Khan caused me to badly burn my leg with an iron. The scar has gone, but not the memory.
65 - My hero was Jimmy Page, until I discovered he was a borderline Paedophile & Heroin addict. Shattered, simply shattered.
66 - I have a lisp. I hate it but can do nothing about it. It has always been a source of pain and anguish. Children can be very cruel.
67 - I am a descendent of William the Conqueror. Honest!!!
68 - I sometimes feel like a fraud
69 - Yes, but only if I'm on top. I'm claustrophobic remember ;)
70 - I'm a listener rather than a talker
71 - I married my first real boyfriend. What a fool eh?
72 - I didn't get my drivers licence until I was 30
73 - I am very good at decorating on a budget
74 - I can sew, but I can't knit
75 - My Dad predicted the day, date, time, sex and weight when I was born. He was only a half an hour out.
76 - I was born 10 days late - but only found that out recently. Is that why my favourite number is 11?
77 - I have had people tell me I look like Kate Bush, Cher, Elle McFeast and Morticia at various stages of my life.
78 - I am hopeless at maths
79 - I failed matriculation by 2 marks (out of 500 back then)
80 - Plan A was to do a Bachelor in Fine Art majoring in Photography. I didn't get accepted - the matric score
81 - Plan B was to do a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology. I didn't get accepted - the matric score
82 - I didn't have a plan C
83 - I commenced work in the Government on 12th March 1984. I'm still in the government, but in a different department
84 - I generally have a very good memory, except when I'm stressed
85 - It's not beyond me to be a hypocrite. I don't like that about myself.
86 - I always put the needs of others before my own
87 - I was divorced on the 9th of March 2004. Yay!!
88 - I kept my surname when I married, but hyphenated it with my ex-Husbands.
89 - If I wasn't an Intelligence Analyst, I'd like to be a Conservator (Artworks, photographs, fabrics etc...)
90 - I always like to be the best I can be at whatever I do
91 - I rarely meet my own expectations of myself. This frustrates me.
92 - I feel more comfortable in the company of men, than women.
93 - All my girlfriends feel the same way.
94 - If I had a dog, it would be a Weimeraner (Sp?)
95 - I find it hard to talk about myself, but will answer any question put to me honestly
96 - Apparently I find it hard to 'just be a girl' Whatever that means...
97 - My legs appear on the cover of a book of erotic poetry. http://www.oralcaress.com/sexuality.htm- A Bite Out of the Rainbow
98 - My Nanna passed away at this age. So did her Sister. I'm here for a while it seems...
99 - I don't eat enough fruit or vegetables. Never have, probably never will
100 - I was once given a rating of 11/10 for 'technique'
101 - I love making love with Pink Floyd playing in the background - it's magical!
102 - Gothqueen is a nickname given to me by my Significant Other.
103 - I went to school with Vika & Linda Bull, before they moved to Sydney. This was in about grade 4 or 5.
104 - I once held the world record for both Guinea Pig Flogging and Cockroach Eating.
105 - When I was 15 I beat the living suitcase out of a weedy little man.
106 - That weedy little man grew up to be none other than Mark "Gonna Make You An Idol" Holden.
107 - I have a gremlin that periodically poses as me - refer items 104 to 106
108 - I am both too trusting and too suspicious. How? fucked if I know!
109 - Scaring me is like shooting a large fish, in a small bucket, with a fucking great cannon.
110 - In other words, all too easy.
111 - I'm a pedantic bitch at times.

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